About Us

Julie Makeup and Hair Design works with your features to bring out the beauty in you by creating breathtaking looks and styles to suit you.

We love creating styles that take people’s breath away while taking care of your styling needs. We work with your unique features to create the perfect look for any occasion, whether it’s your wedding day or another equally special occasion.

Julie has over 8 years of experience working with brides, models and photo-shoots. Her obsession with fashion started from a very young age. Her mantra is “when you look good you feel good” as she feels that a person’s self-confidence increases when they look good.

Julie is a certified artist she received her certificate from GLOW Academy School of Professional Artistic Beauty.

The driving force behind her decision to pursue a career in this field was the constant encouragement, praises and positive feedback she received on the creativity and quality of her work.

We transform you to look and feel good cause we believe in  “When you look good you feel good.”

What we do:
We provide professional hair and make up service applications,  styling/dressing services to help you achieve your dream look.

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When you look good you feel good

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 Hey Julie! Thank you so much for making me look like a princess last night. I haven’t got my make over done since my wedding and yesterday your team made me look and feel great! I was amazed at your team’s skillset and professionalism. I booked you last minute and honestly I was worried first as I have never heard about you guys but once I was ready and I saw the final outcome I was so satisfied! Everyone at the wedding complimented me. Thank you again! I am highly recommending your business to everyone! 
 Julie, thank you so very much for the amazing work! Hair lasted all night and I didn't want to take it out when I got home. My hair looked so good once I took all the pins out. We will surely use you for our future events. Thanks Julie! 
 Oh My God, Julie!!!!! My hair looks like perfection!! I'm on my way to the party :). Please, please please make a note of every single product and curling device and technique you used and in which order and which way the curls were done because it looks awesome and we can recreate for the wedding day! Thank you, thank you!!! Xoxo Thanks again, Julie!! I got so many compliments all night--it was the first thing people said to me.